My ToD’s Characters

My ToD’s Characters.

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My OCs


Gender: male

Series: Kingdom Hearts

World: Disney Castle

Fiance: Ralene (Larxene’s Somebody)

Job: IT, Assistant of Chip and Dale

Jouji is very smart but is easily angered. Some say the reason he has not turned heartless is he has two hearts one pure light and the other pure dark. The truth is he has two personalities and one only appears when he is angry.

theme song: Here without you 3 Doors Down


Gender: Male

Birthday: 12/16 21 BF (before Fall)

Birth Place: Palumpolum, Cocoon

Series: FF-XIII, Kingdom Hearts.

Girlfriend: Aqua



Breed: An American Pit Bull Terrier.

Gender: Male

Bio: Very loyal to Logan and his friends. Does not get along well with other animals unless an obvious chain of command exists or if he trusts that one a lot.

Fighting style:1

FF-XIII: Uses two half-size gunswords one is designed for front hand the other backhand can be joined together to look like Light’s.

KH: Uses a back-hand Keyblade with a flaming white-hot blade called, The Arrow of Fire, and a red handle in his off-hand and the front-hand half-size Gunswords in his main-hand. After he absorbs Noxlag he just uses both Keyblades.

5’9 about 180 pounds with short red hair down to his neck. wears a black and red vest jacket, black pants with chain mail on the right side with black combat boots. Before Noxlag is released He has blue streaks in his hair and has a blue jacket on over a red shirt. same with after he absorbs him.

Like Jouji he is smart but easily angered but has also had some help with his anger issues. His heart is split down the middle half-dark half-light

Theme Song: When I’m gone, 3 Doors Down


Gender: male

Series: Kingdom Hearts.

Girlfriend: Sarah (KHLOVER4LIFE’s OC)

birthday: 6/16/00 the year cocoon started to fall.

Age at birth: 21

Fighting style: Uses a front-hand blue handled Keyblade with a blade made of ice, The Arrow of Frost, in his main-hand and uses the half-size backhand gunsword in his offhand.

Logan’s Nobody uses the opposite element but has the same smarts as him.

Theme song up to ch 7: If I could be like that 3 Doors Down

Theme song after ch. 7: It’s not my time 3 Doors Down


Gender: Male

Series: Assassin’s Creed (1750-1812), Kingdom Hearts

Girlfriend: Killa (KHLOVER4LIFE’s OC)

Fighting style: Uses a custom triple trigger musket in battle usually fight alongside his recruits.

Recruits: John, Sophia, And more without names yet. Has a total of 12 recruits.

Theme song: Citizen/Soldier by 3 Doors Down

OCs shared with KHLOVER4LIFE


Gender: Male

Series: Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts


Father: Roland.

Mother: Killa.

My OC List

  • Logan Tristar
  • Noxlag “Nox”
  • Jouji
  • Roland Charles Haynesworth
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